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AIMS: Agricultural Internet Monitoring System
APHIS: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
AQIM: Agricultural Quarantine Inspection Monitoring
CAPS: Cooperative Agricultural Pest System
CBP: Customs and Border Protection
CPHST: Center for Plant Health Science and Technology
CSREES: Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service
DHS: Department of Homeland Security
DSS: Decision Support System
EAN: Emergency Action Notification
EPICA: Exotic Pest Information Collection and Analysis system
ERIS: Emergency Response Information System
GISIN: Global Invasive Species Information Network
GPDD: Global Pest and Disease Database
ICS: Incident Command System
ISIS: Integrated Survey Information System
NAPIS: National Agricultural Pest Information System
NAPPFAST: North Carolina State University APHIS Plant Pest Forecasting System
NAPPO: North American Plant Protection Organization
NPAG: New Pest Advisory Group
NPB: National Plant Board
NPDN: National Plant Diagnostic Network
OPIS: Offshore Pest Information System
PaDIL : Pest and Disease Image Library
PERAL: Plant Epidemiology and Risk Analysis Laboratory
PESTID: Pest Interception database (formerly PIN 309)
PHA: Plant Health Australia
PHIS: Plant Health Information System
PIPE: Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education
PPQ: Plant Protection and Quarantine
SITC: Smuggling Interdiction and Trade Compliance





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Global trade, Metro areas, and Invasive species



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